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Sliding doors add a bold style statement to both houses and apartments. TWS sliding doors have slim frames and chamfered edges that give them a distinct, sleek appearance.

Steel reinforcements provide a solid stability that allows even the largest sliding doors to run with real smoothness.

A variety of configurations are available – 2, 3 or 4 pane options. These are vital to help you to make the most of the natural beauty and window space your home can offer, both in terms of height and width.

Patio Doors

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The design of the TWS patio door is compatible with all window systems. Another detail worth noting is the construction of the sliding door itself. Outer frames can either be fully welded or mechanically jointed on-site. This allows for easy installation in project sites that have restricted access.

The TWS sliding door is designed to co-ordinate perfectly. As such, it offers the highest quality standards, precise specifications and tight tolerances with great aesthetic appeal.

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