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Bi-Fold Doors Worcester

For a statement addition to your home that impresses and performs, bi-fold doors are sure to make your Worcester home stand out. At TWS, we provide bi-fold doors that combine durable material with advanced double glazing to make good on your investment.

Bi-fold doors have endless versatility, and you can use them for a variety of purposes. Their innovative opening system makes them both ideal for creating plenty of space in your home, as well as separating rooms into two. 

They can be used to connect your home to an extension or conservatory, or as a gateway to the garden that disappears when you open it. Also, when it does open, your home will be bathed in vast natural light and warmth.

Bi-fold doors aren’t just any door. Their bold design makes them a home improvement that elevates and enriches your home. In addition to stunning looks, bi-fold doors have just as much energy-saving benefits as all the doors in TWS’s range.

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Advantages of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors begin to impress the moment you open them. That’s because bi-fold doors have a unique opening mechanism, that allows their panels to fold in on each other. Your new bi-fold door can simply disappear into the corner of your Worcester home, creating even more space.

Space is the byword for the bi-fold door. With unobstructed double glazing, you’ll make your living space feel endless. Not only that, but you can select a bi-fold door through TWS with a low threshold option, that makes accessibility easy for even those with mobility issues.

When fitted to your wall, a bi-fold door also gets you closer to nature. Installing a bi-fold door that faces your garden gives you a front-row seat to the outside world. Additionally, for those Worcester summer days, you can open your bi-fold door and feel the space between you and your garden disappear.

You can also be sure that a bi-fold door from TWS is a durable and long-lasting investment for your home. With fully weatherproof uPVC and aluminium available, you can insulate your home against the elements for years to come, without fear of wear and tear.

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Energy Saving Double Glazing

At TWS, we install bi-fold doors in Worcester that have the highest possible performance. While bi-fold doors look stunning, they need to be a worthwhile investment too. That’s why we work with top manufacturers to ensure your new addition will have terrific energy saving.

It’s never been more critical to manage your home’s energy usage carefully. With a bi-fold door, however, you can take control of this with advanced double glazing technology. 

Our double glazing uses two panes of glass to trap air inside a barrier. The barrier insulates your home incredibly, protecting your home from cold getting in and heat getting out. With stable heat, you’ll not need to use your home’s heating, and you’ll be able to reduce your bill prices considerably.

Additionally, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint too by installing a bi-fold door in your Worcester home. That way, TWS can work together with you to make an addition to your home that helps our planet.

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Bi-Fold Door Design Security

We’re committed to quality at TWS in all aspects of our home improvements. In particular, however, we want to install bi-fold doors that keep you and your family safe. That’s why we’ve made no compromises when it comes to our doors’ security.

All of our bi-fold doors feature toughened double glazing, with each panel having a multi-point locking system. Not only that, but we work with top manufacturers to ensure each door comes with reinforced locks and shootbolts from top to bottom.

Our emphasis on security extends throughout our company’s philosophy. Unlike our competitors, TWS is proud to offer an in-house fitting team that will work on your installations with the proper time and care.

Regulators have fully accredited TWS’s installation service, and even the Police has awarded us with the prestigious Secured by Design certification. We’ve been installing bi-fold doors in Worcester for 25 years, ensuring that you can have peace of mind working with us.

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Bi-Fold Door Prices Worcester

You can get in touch with TWS in a whole host of ways. When it comes to getting a new bi-fold door for your Worcester home, we offer a market-leading service.

For a start, our online cost calculator allows you to design a unique bi-fold door that reflects your personality. The colour, finish and handle type is entirely up to you.

Alternatively, you can use our online contact form to ask TWS anything about our bi-fold doors. A member of our team will get back to you with advice and information as quickly as possible!

Finally, why not give us a call on 01562 822 855? We’d love to hear from you. Together, we can design a bi-fold door that makes your home an even better place to live.

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