Garden Rooms

The Garden Room is the ultimate addition to your home – an extension in traditional bricks and mortar combined with the light and airy style of a conservatory and with a  massive increase in habitable space for your home.

Bring The Garden In

A garden room helps to incorporate the outdoors and make the garden almost feel part of the house. The solid roof helps maintain a warm and cosy atmosphere in the winter while in the summer the garden room should be a beautiful suntrap. The addition of Velux windows will increase the light into the room and help to ventilate and cool your room during the summer.

Dynamic Space

The garden room offers a massive advantage over a conservatory in that it is an actual extension to the property and not a bolt on conservatory. The feel of an extension provides greater overall value and the best of both worlds – providing a magnificent single story extension.

They can create a whole new dynamic to the space in your home creating a ‘real’ room or additional ‘living space’.  This has the added benefits or more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lighters.

Built To Blend In

A Garden Room will have a solid or partially glazed roof rather than the traditional fully glazed conservatory roof. The roof, like any normal extension will also be tiled or slated. Garden rooms offer the advantage of having the roof tiled in the same material as the existing building and in years to come with weathering can look like it is a natural part of the property.

Light & Airy

Garden rooms still offer a lot of natural light through the use of large windows and bi-folding or sliding folding doors or patio doors. One immediate advantage of the garden room instead of the conservatory will be that the room will not get as hot as with a conservatory, especially if south facing in the Summer months.

Choose A Warm Roof


LivinRoof is the first roofing system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It helps you extend your living space and enhance thermal performance to give you a room that you can use all year round.

WARMroof System

The WARMroof system is the most configurable and structurally robust solid, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market. It’s the first off-site constructed ‘warm roof’ of its kind in the sector that has been designed and engineered from scratch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garden Room or Conservatory?

Either way, both offer an extension to your home creating more space and light. A garden rooms is very similar in appearance to a conservatory although most often glazed glass with a solid tiled roof. A garden room makes a wonderful extension to your home giving you more space and enabling you and your family to spend more time enjoying your home and garden.

Can you have a Garden Room as a standalone structure?

Yes, you can have a Garden Room as a separate structure to your home, looking like a modernised shed depending on the design and size. These can be used as a studio, a business or a space to get away from the hustle and bustle of home life. Not all Garden Rooms have to be an extension to the structure of your home.

Will a Garden Room extensions increase our house value?

A garden room comes with many benefits, extra light, space and also the increase in value to your home. It is a home improvement, creating more space and potentially a new room. A garden room can be a profitable investment.

Do you need planning permission?

Unlikely. Most garden rooms tend to fall within existing permitted building regs but we will always advise if we feel your design requests may need to be approved.

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