Lantern Roof

Lantern Roof designs are becoming increasingly popular giving you the ultimate and unrivalled view from your home and extension with supreme aerial views. This combined with its industry-leading thermal performance ensures you can use your conservatory/orangery/extension 365 days a year.

Thin & Strong

Super strong and light, 40mm aluminium frame rafters create slim, elegant roof profiles with excellent thermal performance.

This unique design creates a feeling of space and air, giving you visible elegance to your roof design and appearance, whether you choose an all aluminium structure or uPVC capping – less is definitely more.

Sleek and Elegant

The slimline thermally broken aluminium rafter sections have a sleek appearance that brings a stylish ambience and modern finish, while maximising the use of light and space within your home.

From the outside, the discreet design of rafter external caps and slimline ridges are a world apart from the chunky conventional T-bar caps and ridges used by competitors.

Quality Finish

Keeping sight lines low and unobtrusive ensures they won’t over dominate a plot. All aluminium exterior coloured profiles are quality finished with powder coat paint, which is guaranteed to last. Dual coloured roofs are also available as the exterior colour can be easily changed to achieve the exterior look you desire.

Unrivalled Aerial Views

Using the benefits of slimline technology, the Lanern Roofs we provide have combined good looks, outstanding strength and intelligent detailing, to create one of the finest looking products available for conservatory and orangery installations. The versatility of the aluminium rafters and creative design solutions have removed the requirements for outdated bulky hood covers on lantern roofs and Edwardians.

Just as Warm in Winter

Units incorporate argon gas, a safe and inert gas that improves insulation, and warm edge spacer bar technology that reduces ‘cold spots’ and condensation, avoiding formation of unsightly mould while improving thermal insulation

A combination of low emissivity inner glass and argon gas filling means the Lantern Roof solar control glass gives twice the insulation of ordinary double glazing, which reduces energy costs and keeps your conservatory warmer in winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any ventilation?

It is worth considering if ventilation is required. If the room is south facing and has a lot of direct sunlight, if the structure has opening windows or if it is used as a kitchen and produces a lot of steam and heat, ventilation may or may not be required. There are options such as trickle vents, top hung opening sashes and opening skylights that we can look into and advise where we think necessary.

How do I maintain my roof lantern?

Our roof lanterns are made from the best materials and are built to last for many years but an annual check up will ensure the best longevity. Once a year it is advisable to check the exterior where accessible and clean the lantern and glass with a mild detergent and glass cleaner. Be sure to also inspect any exterior paintwork. For powder coated aluminium glazing and opening skylights, cleaning down with a mild detergent should be all that is necessary

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