Orangeries became popular in the 17th century for growing exotic plants and fruits that were native to warmer climates. Today’s Orangeries are elegant extensions with light flooding down from the lantern roof and through tall windows. Whatever the style, an Orangery is a much coveted addition to any home.

TWS can provide full Project Management including planning permission (where necessary). We take care of the Base and Brickwork, Electrical work, Plastering, Heating and Floor Finishes and utilise the latest CAD computer technology to provide drawings which we can superimpose onto a digital photo of your home to give you a feel of how the finished article will look.

Our customer often ask us what the difference is between a conservatory and an orangery.. Orangeries are traditionally constructed of stone or brick, featured with pillars and large windows, and are generally viewed as a symbol of prestige. Orangeries have a chief defining characteristic – a solid flat roof with a lantern roof (or series of lantern roofs). This characteristic, together with larger columns or pilasters, can give an orangery a more permanent, solid feel than a conservatory, making it appear as part of your original home. A TWS Orangery is truly a choice of distinction and luxury