Replacement Conservatory Roof

The WARMroof system is perfect for conservatory replacement projects as well as new build sunrooms, garden rooms and extensions, due to its innovative and flexible design. It’s also the most configurable and capable in the sector.

High Performance

Other insulated and tiled roof systems for the home improvement sector have not been designed using the modern and accepted best method of ‘warm roof’ construction. They have chosen the use of ‘cold roof’ construction, which our research has shown can result in the risk of condensation for six months of the year.

Structurally Tested

Robust fixed joints at the apex are designed to resist any movement which is especially important when applying a plastered finish internally.

The warmROOF systems have been structurally tested to take the weight of lightweight tiles or traditional clay or slate tiles.

Flexible Design & Style

The WARMroof is designed to accommodate all existing conservatory roof styles as these are more complex than typical extension roofs. No matter what shape or style of conservatory you have, we can accommodate.

Georgian, Edwardian, Gable, Hipped Lean-to or even P-Shape. There is an option for you.

Light & Ventilation Available

You may be worried about losing an awful amount of light when adding a solid roof to your conservatory. Don’t be! We can offer a WARMroof Hybrid which allows you to retain an element of light within the room yet still keeping the thermal efficiency.

The Hybrid uses a unique timber lined internal frame as standard and optional internal lighting pelmet at the eaves. You can also add in a Velux roof light too for added ventilation.

Choose Your Style

Georgian or Edwardian




Hipped Lean-To




Finishing Touches

WARMroof Hybrid

The WARMroof Hybrid options allows even more light to flood into the room. The glass panel allows you to retain an element of light within the room yet keep the thermal efficiency due to the 44mm tripled glazed units.

Tile Options

When it comes to the external appearance of your new room, we can offer a wide range of tile and slate finishes from stock in terms of colour and appearance. The WARMroof system is even structurally tested to take concrete, clay and slate tiles to match your existing roof.

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WARM Roof Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission to change my roof to a WARM Roof?

No, the great thing about the solid roof systems is that it eliminates the hassle of planning permission. Building Regulations changed, allowing anyone to install a solid roof on their conservatory as long as it meets the criteria.

Will a Solid WARM Roof improve my conservatory?

Having a solid roof will improve your overall energy bills and you will also be able to spend much more of the year in your conservatory due to the insulated roof system. Sometime’s those cold months can have a negative effect on a conservatory but with a solid roof that eliminates that problem.

Will it match my house?

We can source roof tiles in different styles and colours to get the most accurate match for your home, giving you a seamless finish to your home extension.

Will there be lots of mess replacing my Conservatory roof?

Our professional team dedicated to fit & install your WARM Roof will arrive promptly on site for minimal disruption and throughout the installation process ensure any rubbish is collected. We will use boards, covers and any necessary care equipment to ensure there is maximum protection and minimal disruption and mess.

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