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Aluminium Double Glazing, Kidderminster

Double glazing is an incredibly popular home improvement solution that features in millions of homes across the UK. Sturdy, hard-wearing and providing outstanding thermal insulation and high levels of security, getting double glazing is recommended for any new window installations.

But when choosing what kind of double glazing windows to get, you may have found that there are many different options available for materials. Choose from traditional timber frames to the more modern uPVC and aluminium frames. But which one is best to get for your property?

Are aluminium windows better than uPVC?

uPVC has been used for window frames for many years, providing a sturdy and long-lasting solution with great thermal insulation and security. However, aluminium windows are by far the more attractive, longer-lasting and efficient option.

As aluminium is a renewable, natural material it is highly environmentally friendly in both its manufacturing and end-of-life cycle; being easily recycled and reused without the need for strong chemicals or a long process. uPVC meanwhile, while still widely recycled, requires a much longer factor process to be broken down and reused.

In terms of security and thermal insulation, aluminium frames are also far more durable and long-lasting. With no cracking, discolouration, warping or chipping even after decades of exposure to the elements. Aluminium double glazed windows’ sturdy frame can last for far longer than uPVC and will retain its looks and outstanding performance for years more.

While both uPVC and aluminium are far better than timber frames for double glazed windows, aluminium is the best choice if you are looking for a sleek and contemporary window frame that is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and will provide you with outstanding performance for decades to come.

How much does an aluminium window cost?

The price of different double glazed window designs and frames can depend on a range of different factors, not just including the overall size and style of window, but also on the materials, colours and additional features you want added to your design.

Different types of aluminium double glazed window design can also vary in terms of price, including the highly versatile casement windows, safety-conscious tilt-and-turn windows, traditional sliding sash and French casement windows, as well as bow and bay windows that adds to the overall size of the room.

Aluminium Window Prices (Fixed Window)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 500mm x 500mm  White  £150 – £175
 500mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £250 – £300

Aluminium Window Cost (1 Opener)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £250 – £300
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £300 – £350
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £275 – £325
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £325 – £375
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £300 – £350
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  White  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  Wood Grain  £400 – £450

For more information on the different prices of aluminium double glazed window designs, either find your bespoke quote through our free online Quotation Calculator or contact us today to talk to us about our range of products.

What are the benefits of aluminium windows?

Thermal Efficiency – With both double glazed window panels and an incredibly thermally secure frame, aluminium windows are able to keep your home warmer for longer. With airpockets within the frames that act as a thermal barrier, preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping, these windows can help you reduce both your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

Outstanding Aesthetic – With a sleek, contemporary profile, aluminium windows’ metal frames are able to complement both traditional and modern properties. Easily cleaned, and with a power-coating preventing any discolouration even after years of direct sunlight, your new aluminium windows will keep their brand-new appearance for years to come.

Long-Lasting – Being made from metal, aluminium windows are by far the most durable and long lasting frames on the market. Traditional timber frames often suffer from natural wear and tear through exposure to the elements, and uPVC, while long-lasting, only lasts for around 20 years. Aluminium frames, however, can easily last for 45 years before needing to be replaced.

Low Maintenance – Like uPVC frames, aluminium windows don’t suffer from any of the wear and tear of timber frames. This means that the only upkeep that is needed of aluminium frames is the occasional wash down to prevent the build up of dirt or grime that could obscure your view.

How long will aluminium windows last?

As stated above, aluminium double glazed windows are by far the longest lasting window solution material available to you on the market. While uPVC may also be long-lasting, it often only has a lifespan of around 20-25 years before it begins to under perform. Because of this, uPVC has to be replaced every couple of decades, which can prove to be costly either if you are living in a house for a long time or recently buy a property with old uPVC.

Aluminium windows, on the other hand, can last more than twice as long as uPVC frames, with a lifespan of around 45 years. Because of this, aluminium frames are a much better long-term solution for your property.

Aluminium Double-Glazing Prices, Kidderminster

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