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Composite Door Security

Composite doors drastically improve the standard of security your home. Widely considered to be one of the sturdiest and most secure home improvement options on the market today, our composite door range is perfect for the modern homeowner. Composite doors differ from other front door options by the inclusion of a built-in solid core. The core of the doors that we install in Kidderminster is constructed from robust and durable timber. This turns the centre of a door from the most vulnerable spot to the strongest. We work exclusively with industry leaders to install their composite doors in our local area. They provide us with a door that outperforms the competition, in terms of both practicality and style. Your home in Kidderminster will benefit from enhanced visuals while protecting you from the worst.

Features of our Composite Doors

48mm Timber Core

Solid composite doors come with a thicker core than any option you can buy. This only improves the standard of home security on offer. This core also provides a more consistent rigidity to the door, supporting the locking systems by ensuring that the middle of the door is almost impenetrable. This solid timber also improves the thermal efficiency of your home, trapping more of its natural heat.

double front doors on a sandstone property

Composite Wrapping

This timber core is surrounded by a complex blend of different building materials, as the name would suggest. Each of these materials is individually selected for counteract another’s weaknesses, whether that be to improve its longevity, shock resistance or its standard of weatherproofing. As a result, composite doors are the ultimate home renovation, providing you will the complete package.

Black Composite Doors

Insulated Design

Discover the thermal performance that comes from our modern composite doors. Relax and unwind in your property as the storm rages on outside. The cold, wet and windy weather will stay outside due to the insulated design. Save money on your energy bills as your home stays warmer for longer while reducing your carbon footprint. Comfortable living has never been so stylish.

White Composite Doors

Accessory Options

All our composite doors come with a range of accessory options for you to choose from. This includes more traditional handles and knockers, allowing our composite doors to blend perfectly with a period home here in Worcestershire. However, on the flip side, we also have subtle, stainless steel accessories that can complement a more modern home. There’s front door accessories for every style of home.

grey front door

Benefits of our Composite Front Doors

More Secure

Our range of front doors provides your home with enhanced security levels. Our range of the best composite doors are almost impossible to break into, while our uPVC alternatives are still very robust and durable. Both come fitted with market leading locking systems.

Tailored to You

With so many customisation options available, you’ll be able to design and configure an entirely unique composite door. A new front door can transform the look of the front of your home, whether you’re looking to add a striking splash of colour or unify your home with a subtler finish. Whatever you opt for, your home in Kidderminster will benefit from enhanced visual appeal with these composite doors.

Thermally Efficient

A new front door can significantly enhance your home’s thermal efficiency. All of our composite front doors will provide fantastic heat retention, whereby your home’s natural warmth is trapped inside. You can improve the overall energy efficiency of your home with a new front door. This can lead to cheaper heating bills, as they won’t need to be on as high. You could also lower your carbon footprint.


Our composite doors provide your home with full protection from the elements. This standard of weatherproofing ensures that your home is not affected by strong winds, preventing any nasty draughts in your home. Your home in Kidderminster won't suffer from any leaking or damp spots caused by the rain.


Our Composite Door Partners


At TWS Windows and Doors we only work with reputable companies. We supply Composite front doors ranging from high quality entry-level to bespoke luxury, meaning we can cater to all budgets, styles and needs. We take pride in our local reputation as one of the most reliable exterior home improvement companies in Kidderminster. We have worked under the same name for over 25 years, allowing us to perfect our eye for detail and professional customer service. As a business, we take pride in always offering competitive, affordable prices across our double glazed products. This has led to receiving a Certass accreditation, which ensures that we are catering to every budget and delivering fair trade to all our customers.

Visit our Windows and Doors Showroom to see our variety of Composite Doors in person.


Birmingham Door Panels

Our Entry Level Composite Door Range is supplied by Birmingham Door Panels, local to Kidderminster they provide high-quality and a vast range of choices and finishes, without overstepping your budget. All Composite Front Doors doors are thermal-efficient and low maintenance for peace of mind.

TWS Green Composite Front Door Birmingham

Endurance Doors

Endurance Doors combine Safety, Security & Style. With their three collections: Classic, Urban, and Country you will find the perfect entrance to your home whatever your style. As well as the many choices on door accessories, these composite doors have thermally toughened glazing and use anti-warping technology.

Blue Composite Doors

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