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Composite Doors At TWS

Widely considered to be one of the strongest and most secure home improvement options on the market today, our composite door range is perfect for the modern homeowner.

The composite door range at TWS are constructed from an aluminium reinforced, high density polyurethane foam core. We work exclusively with industry leaders RockDoor to supply and fit their composite doors. RockDoor provide our customers with a door that outperforms the competition in terms of practicality, style, thermal efficiency and overall security performance.

Features of our Composite Doors

Polyurethane Foam Core

Whilst most composite doors use a mixture of materials, RockDoor uses uPVC for the door sash and outer frame with solid polyurethane as the insulating core. Polyurethane foam not only provides RockDoor with strength, weight and thermal efficiency but it also prevents the door from excessive movement under certain heat conditions.

Anthracite Grey Vogue Optima Composite Door

Exclusive S-Glaze Technology

So, what is unique about RockDoor S-Glaze technology?
RockDoor provide a manufacturing process used only by themselves within the composite door market. Unlike traditional composite doors that use clip-on cassettes to fixate the glass into the door and are prone to fading and discolouration, S-Glaze encapsulates the glass into the door without cassettes.
The technology consists of sealing the glass unit between two RockDoor skins, this forms part of the door itself so will in turn improve the energy efficiency of your home. This also removes any chance of intruders prying the cassettes open to gain entry.
RockDoor offer the largest range of A-rated doors from any composite door manufacturer in the UK, this is largely down to features such as the S-Glaze technology which eliminates the possibility of draughts occurring through the glazing, helping keep those household bills down.

Agate Grey Jacobean Border Composite Door

Security is our Priority.

As an experienced installer we can never reiterate the importance of fitting a secure entrance door, not only as a deterrent but on rare occasions when they must be tested to perform. We excel in providing our customers leading composite doors with their enhanced security measures.
As such, all doors from RockDoor come with a Winkhaus multi-point hook lock mech as standard, solid steel hooks, optional wire mesh reinforcing, and the option to upgrade to a 4-hook lock mech for added security.

Manhattan-Curve Composite Door

Tailored to You

With so many options available, you’ll be able to design an entirely unique composite door. A new entrance door can transform your property no matter the style, whether you’re looking to add a bold splash of colour or complement your home with a subtler finish. Whatever you choose, your RockDoor will be sure to impress the neighbours from enhanced visual appeal and exclusive designs.

Rockdoor Indiana Composite Door


Visit our showroom to see the variety of Composite Doors.

In the meantime, why not design your own door today with our online virtual builder.

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Why Choose RockDoor?

More Secure

The RockDoor range are more secure in comparison to other composite doors on the market today. They have a reinforced inner frame which means they cannot be forced open. The glass inserted into RockDoors range are installed with S-Glaze Technology ensuring the glass is part of the actual door and cannot be prised open to gain access. Our range of front doors provides your home with enhanced security levels that have unbeatable strength.

Tailored to You

With so many customisation options available, you’ll be able to design and configure an entirely unique composite door with the new RockDoor range. Whether it be a new colour or a whole new design to suit the original features of your home a new front door can transform the look of your home instantly.

Thermally Efficient

All of our RockDoor range significantly enhances your home’s thermal efficiency. With PVC-U Skins, S-Glaze technology windows, a 50mm thick sash and the inner frame being encapsulated with PVC and high density foam you can understand how RockDoor achieve industry leading thermal performance ratings, providing fantastic heat retention.

Cost Effective

RockDoor is renowned for outlasting your standard uPVC and Timber Doors by providing unbeatable strength and durability for 35+ years. With the added thermal efficiency you can also lower your bills making it more cost effective in the long run. As RockDoors are 35% stronger than your typical GRP door they will not need replacing over time.

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