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Innovative & Stylish Bi Fold Doors

Aluminium uPVC Bi Fold doors are the latest and most modern back door option on the market. They are one of the most popular choices for back doors due to their sleek and stylish image combined with optimum accessibility. With 7 colours to choose from you can be sure that these will perfectly match your style and your property in Kidderminster and surrounding areas.

Bifold glass doors work in a similar way to patio doors, but instead of sliding, the panels collapse and fold onto each other. Whether they are installed as a means of exiting your home or as an extension into your garden they look high end and offer ease of use. They can also be fitted internally to split a large room in two. Our black, white, brown and other aluminium bi-fold doors are manufactured from high-grade materials by the best suppliers on the market. At TWS our reputation is incredibly important to us and we only work with reputable suppliers, we stock Raum Doors, Smarts Bifold Doors and Reynaers Doors. ** Terms and Conditions apply**

The large doorway bifolding glass doors create is incredibly useful for accessibility. This is especially important if you need extra space for wheelchairs, mobility aids or pushchairs in and around the home. Make your home comfortable, spacious and safe.


Folding Mechanism

Bi-fold doors differ from French and patio doors thanks to their folding mechanism. When closed, the eaves of the door will sit flat; when opened, these panels fold and collapse neatly at either end. They can be configured to open from the left, right, middle, or somewhere in between. This collapsing mechanism means these doors won’t take up much space and allow more natural light into the home.

Modern Bi-Folding Doors TWS Door and Window Systems Kidderminster

Aluminium Framework

To support the more complex opening system, the framework for these back doors is made using robust aluminium. As a material, it is naturally more durable and sturdy, despite being lighter than other materials. This allows us to use sleeker, slimmer sightlines and more double glazing, for enhanced visual appeal. The aluminium bi fold doors also won’t rot over time or be affected by any adverse weather in your home.

bi folding doors on brick conservatory

Double Glazed Panels

The only use double or triple glazed panels with our bi fold doors. This works by having two or three panes of glass within a single frame, for drastically better thermal efficiency. Your home or extension will feel naturally warmer with a set of upvc bi folding doors, as the double glazing will trap your home’s natural heat inside. This glazing will also allow more natural light into your home than other glass.

concertina bi-folding doors by garden

Multi-Point Locks

We understand that having a safe and secure home is more imperative than ever. When you come to TWS Kidderminster for bi-fold doors, you’ll be investing in a product that comes with multi-point locking systems. These work to secure the door at different points, ensuring there are as few weak spots as possible. With this, you have total peace of mind that you and your family are protected if the worst happens.

bi-folding Doors on modern patio


Here at TWS Kidderminster, we know that you can never put a price on your family’s safety. Aluminium bi fold doors just so happen to be one of the most security-focused products available on the current market. Firstly, aluminium itself is a precious metal and well known for its inherent strength and resilience. Partnered with our multi-point locking systems, an aluminium bi fold door from TWS is one of the safest doors you can buy. Finally, as well as being exceptionally energy resilient, we use strengthened and toughened glass. That way, we prioritise security even more in our builds.

energy saving bi-fold doors

Natural Light

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose to invest in aluminium bi fold doors is their impressive glass coverage area (especially in our slimline frame versions). Their expansive glass panels allow natural light to flood into your home, giving you fantastic views of Kidderminster and your garden. Having more natural light inside your home reduces the need for artificial substitutes. Therefore, you’ll immediately save money on your electricity bills. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg: natural light has wondrous effects on your health and well-being too.

secure bi-fold doors in green living room

Energy Efficient

We use the latest glazing technology to retain the heat entering you’re your home. TWS Kidderminster offers modern double glazing solutions that work to trap warm air inside your home and filter cold air out. Also, their energy efficiency is guaranteed to save you money by reducing your heating costs and usage of fossil fuels.

uPVC patio doors in modern home
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Stunning Design

There’s no denying that bifold doors look significantly better than other back door options on the market. The folding system and slim sightlines are simply stunning. Whether you want the door closed, open halfway or fully, you’ll be impressed with the excellent aesthetics. It can transform your home. Smarts bifold doors are made to be both robust and sleek, at TWS we stock both their S1000 and their S6000 systems, giving you the choice for your home.

Better Energy Efficiency

Bifold doors feature a thermal break to enhance energy performance and improve the overall U-value of the home. You will enjoy a naturally warmer home when you fit our aluminium bifold doors. At TWS we stock a variety of Raum doors and products, which have Industry-leading thermal insulation. With this, you’ll be able to have your heating on lower, which can lead to cheaper energy bills in the long run.

A Bigger and Brighter Home

By sliding fully to either side of the frame and with no central column, your home will feel naturally brighter with a set of bifold doors. Even when closed, the slim sightlines allow more of the sun’s rays in than with other back doors. Your home in Kidderminster will feel brighter and warmer all year round. Bifold doors have a unique opening mechanism that allows their panels to fold in on each other so they disappear into the corner.

Longer Lasting

Aluminium has an excellent lifespan. Many aluminium home improvement products can last for two decades before showing signs of wear and tear. This is much longer than uPVC or timber products typically last, and both of those can require more maintenance and aftercare than aluminium products do too. You can insulate your home against the elements for years to come, without fear of wear and tear.


Bifold doors have endless versatility, and you can use them for a variety of purposes. Their innovative opening system makes them both ideal for creating plenty of space in your home, as well as separating rooms into two. As a supplier of Reynaers Doors, TWS can give you the option of multiple opening types and configurations to suit your home.

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