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Modern Aluminium Front Doors

Our Spitfire series of aluminium front doors will add some elegance to your home in Kidderminster, Worcester, Redditch and surrounding towns in Worcestershire. The stunning range is not only extremely stylish and contemporary but is incredibly practical in their performance.

The range consists of the composite S-200 and S-500 styles. While the S-200 is a stunning mid-range composite door, the S-500 is a slightly higher standard due to its technologically advanced locking system. Both styles excel in their outstanding visual appeal and superior engineering.

Here at TWS Kidderminster, we’re proud of our specialist services. Our dedicated team have been in the home improvement industry for over three decades. With a wealth of knowledge behind us, we guarantee you will receive quality with your aluminium front door.

Features of our Composite Doors

Aluminium Frame

Aluminium is favoured in the home improvement industry for its sleek design and durability. Usually used in high-end products, the material is incredibly robust from its core right through to the exterior. Our aluminium front doors are slimline, making them lightweight. However, this does not compromise on the strength and rigidity of the material. Aluminium front doors from TWS are an investment to last a lifetime.

Black aluminium front doors

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to thermal retention, it’s essential to invest in a door that will keep your house a comfortable temperature. The heat insulation of a door is measured on its U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the less heat can escape from your door. We are proud of our 0.92 W/m2K values, meaning your door excels in its energy efficiency. As you use your heating less, you’ll start to see your bills go down and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Aluminum Front Doors With Knocker

Glazing Options

Our aluminium front doors have multiple glazing options for your home in Kidderminster. The glass on our doors comes with our high-quality double glazing as standard. However, for increased insulation, you can opt for our fantastic triple glazing. The triple-pane system will trap warm air and stop cold air from seeping in. Not only will the thermal performance greatly improve, but you will be much more secure at home.

aluminium front doors

Secure Locking System

Our S-200 and S-500 locking system is expertly engineered for the ultimate in home security. Our doors have been meticulously tested, with the multi-point locking systems reaching high industry standards. We use Winkhaus locks in our aluminium front doors, which have been manufactured for exceptional protection. Keep your family and possessions secure in your Kidderminster home with our stunning aluminium front doors.

Aluminium White Front Door


Aluminium doors have a lifespan of up to forty-five years. With such impressive durability, an aluminium door from TWS can provide incredible benefits in your home for almost a lifetime. Also, they outstrip the lifespan of composite doors considerably. Aluminium doors’ excellent weatherproofing is why they’re so durable. Aluminium won’t warp in the wind, or discolour and fade through excess water. Not only that but once you install your new door, there’s little-to-no maintenance or upkeep required!

Spitfire Dark Aluminum Doors by TWS

Strong, Reinforced

Aluminium doors are slim and sleek, but they are also exceptionally powerful. Their frames are up to three times stronger than traditional composite doors, and they offer a more substantial space too.

Aluminium doors will be stronger but also lightweight meaning you won’t struggle to get your door open.

Bespoke Front Doors by TWS

Why Choose TWS Kidderminster for your Aluminium Front Door?

TWS Windows and Doors are double glazing specialists who have been in the industry for nearly three decades. We strive to provide exceptional customer service in every project we complete. As a team, we go above and beyond to deliver your dream product.

We install aluminium front doors with efficiency and precision. Aluminium is extremely lightweight, making the installation process quick, as not to hinder your schedule. We work with industry leaders who supply our high-quality materials. You can rely on exceptional service with us.

TWS is a trusted name for installing aluminium front doors. There’s plenty of ways to get in touch with us and ensure your installation goes fantastically.

Firstly, our online cost calculator is the perfect way to start designing your aluminium door. Choose from loads of colours, finishes and handles to get a door that’s right for you, and get a quote that suits you instantly.

You can also ask us anything using our online contact form. A friendly member of our staff will get back to you with advice, information and ideas to help you realise your vision.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you directly. Call us on 01562 822 855 to have a chat with us about your ideas, and we’ll work together with you to make them a reality.

Black aluminium front doors Aluminium Front Doors with Silver Door Handle Aluminium Front door with glass

Wood Colour Range

designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminsterr


designer wood door kidderminsterr


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminsterr


designer wood door kidderminster


designer wood door kidderminster


RAL Colour Range

ral cream designer door kidderminster


light grey ral kidderminster designer door

Light Grey

ral mid grey designer door worcestershire

Mid Grey

White Semi Gloss designer door

White Semi Gloss

anthracite grey desinger door kidderminster

Anthracite Grey

purple grey desinger door kidderminster

Purple Grey

black desinger door kidderminster


oval bar handle designer door

Oval Handle

square handle designer door

Square Handle

bar handle designer door

Bar Handle

internal handle designer door

Internal Handle

designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


designer front door kidderminster


aluminium front doors

Benefits of our Aluminium Front Doors

Contemporary Design

Our aluminium front doors are incredibly modern in their aesthetic. Not only do they look chic, but they also use advanced techniques in their performance. We test our doors on their weatherproofing abilities to ensure your home doesn’t invite any draughts or damp in. Choose us for exceptional style and weather protection.

Low Threshold Options

For increased mobility, you have the option for a low threshold for your aluminium front door. This allows for more flexibility when entering your Kidderminster property. We can customise your new front door however you want, so if this is something that would interest you then get in touch to find out more today.


All aluminium front doors are made to measure for each Kidderminster home. We want to allow our customers the freedom to design a door they will be proud of. We have hundreds of options from the style to the colours and finishes of your aluminium front door. Match your aesthetic with our bespoke aluminium front doors.

Door Security

Aluminium is a highly resilient material that immediately makes your home far more secure. At TWS, our aluminium doors come with multi-point locking systems and toughened glass to ensure your home’s safety. Coupled with our robust and thoroughly tested locking systems, our installation team will fit your aluminium doors with professionalism and care.

Energy Saving

Aluminium helps your new door to save your home money on energy bills by improving your home’s insulation, keeping your home warm all year round. With less need for heating due to advanced double glazed glass, you’re wasting less energy! As you waste less energy, you’ll be able to make significant savings for your home. Aluminium doors allow you to insulate your wallet as well as your living space.

Long Lasting

Our suppliers manufacture our aluminium front doors to last for years. Our doors don’t warp, rot, bend or distort thanks to the highest quality aluminium we use. The finish of each of our doors is coated to ensure the door keeps its vibrant colour for years. The handles, hinges and smaller elements won’t rust over time so that you can enjoy your aluminium front door for longer.

Aluminium Front Door Prices

Each aluminium front door we install is bespoke to our Kidderminster customers. Therefore prices vary based on style, colours and finishes.

Get a free quote today using our handy quoting tool. Just input your specifications, and we’ll come back to you with a price. You can do this on as many products as you like!

Use our contact form to get in touch with us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, give our office a call on 01562 822855, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

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