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Aluminium Windows in Kidderminster

Getting the right kind of window fitted for your property in Kidderminster is vitally important not just in terms of overall style, but also for performance and quality. A window that matches your properties aesthetic, blending or enhancing the appearance of your home can do wonders for its desirability and market value, should you decide to sell at some point in the future.

Aluminium windows are incredibly stylish, with a modern aesthetic that can complement both traditional and contemporary properties. Durable and long-lasting, these sleek profiles last even longer than timber or uPVC frames and need very little additional maintenance or upkeep outside from the occasional wash.

Aluminium Windows Kidderminster

What is an aluminium casement window?

Casement windows are the standard window design for most properties. Being very adaptable and highly customisable in terms of configuration. With dozens of different options for which frames open, you can personalise your window design to suit the needs for your property perfectly.

With slim sightlines, these windows allow for large amounts of natural light to spill into your home. Giving your interior space a bright feeling and giving the illusion of more space. As well as providing an outstanding view to your garden and outside areas whether open or closed. When opened, your property will benefit from ventilation, whilst not compromising on its thermal performance or security when closed.

Aluminium frames, unlike timber or uPVC, don’t discolour, warp, flake or crack even after years of exposure to the elements. This means that they will be able to last for much longer without being replaced and retain their brand-new appearance for years to come.

How much is an aluminium window?

All home improvement products vary in price depending on their specific design, and aluminium windows are no exception. Nearly all the different features of an aluminium casement window are customisable, meaning that the quote that you get from us is tailored specifically to your bespoke frames.

These factors including the size of the window frame, what style you want it in, which different colours and foils, and any additional features you want attaching. It is important that you know exactly what you are paying for before making any kind of concrete decision about what windows you are getting installed.

Aluminium Window Prices Kidderminster

Aluminium Window Prices (Fixed Window)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 500mm x 500mm  White  £150 – £175
 500mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £175 – £200
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £200 – £250
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £225 – £275
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £250 – £300

Aluminium Window Cost (1 Opener)

 Casement Window Size   Colour  Guide Price
 1000mm x 500mm  White  £250 – £300
 1000mm x 500mm  Wood Grain  £300 – £350
 1000mm x 1000mm  White  £275 – £325
 1000mm x 1000mm  Wood Grain  £325 – £375
 1200mm x 1200mm  White  £300 – £350
 1200mm x 1200mm  Wood Grain  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  White  £350 – £400
 1200mm x 1500mm  Wood Grain  £400 – £450

To get a more bespoke and personalised quote for your ideal aluminium window design, please use our free Online Quotation Calculator to receive a zero obligation quote from us today.

Can you paint aluminium window frames?

All of our aluminium casement windows are available to come in a range of different colours. Ranging from neutral colours such as white, black, grey and Chartwell green, to natural wood colours including oak, mahogany, rosewood and walnut. These colours allow for your windows to complement and blend in with your properties outer and interior aesthetic. As well as replicating the look and feel of a traditional timber window frame. These frames are then covered in a powder-coating that prevents their colour from fading or discolouring even after years of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

But what if you want a different colour, or want to spruce up your old aluminium windows? It is possible, but it is recommended that you research it first and find the right materials and paint in order to do it. For instance, painting straight onto the frame can cause issues with any dirt or corrosion to the powder coating, as the right type of spray-on paint needs to be used. Using the wrong kind of paint or incorrectly going about repainting can cause damage to your windows and could result in calling out professional window installers and having to get replacements which could leave you hundreds more out of pocket.

If you are unhappy with your old aluminium windows, contact us to talk with a member of our team on how we can help you get the best out of your windows today.

Aluminium Window Prices, Kidderminster

If you are considering getting a brand new aluminium window installed on your property in Kidderminster, then TWS can offer you free, quotes tailored to your specifications. Simply use our free Online Quotation Calculator to design your very own bespoke aluminium window unit from scratch, and we will be in touch shortly.

If you would like to know more information about any of our products or installation services, then feel free to contact us through our online contact form or giving us a call on 01562 822855.

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