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Composite Doors Kidderminster

composite doors kidderminster
Composite Doors

Composite doors are a practical investment for homeowners throughout Kidderminster due to their security focused design and energy saving properties.

Modern composite doors consist of a timber core surrounded by a complex blend of building materials, making your front door almost impenetrable.

TWS Door and Window Systems offer a comprehensive range of such composite doors. Whether you desire front doors or side panels, we provide our specialised team of installers who can fit them for you.

Specialising in bespoke products of high quality, we also offer high quality conservatories, roof lanterns and skylights.

Composite Front Doors Kiderminster
Composite Front Door

Since 1992, we have been servicing premium home improvements and double glazing across the West Midlands. Based in Kidderminster, TWS also install products in surrounding towns such as Worcester, Redditch, Evesham, Bewdley and Stourport on Severn.

Composite Front Door Styles

We understand that the appearance of your home matters. Our compositefront doors offer comprehensive security benefits and are also available ina wide variety of different styles.

We supply modern composite doors that are tailored to you. Practical but stylish, our composite front doors are all customisable in an array of colours and finishes.

Red Composite Door kidderminster
Red Composite Front Door

Due to our many customisation options, you can therefor design and configure your own unique front door to your desired preferences. Accessory options include handles and knockers that perfectly complimenta traditional Worcestershire period home, or stainless steel to accompany a more modern home design.

As the cold months draw nearer, you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that our composite doors are weatherproof and thermal-efficient. Our doors are combined from a selected array of double-glazed glass and a solid timber centre.

This helps you save money on your energy bills by trapping and insulating more of the natural heat from your home. A further bonus is that it can also help to lower your carbon footprint, as your heating will not need to be on as high.

Fitted Composite Doors

Modern composite doors are known for their high security and energy saving properties. Therefore, it is vital they are installed expertly, so as to maximise their benefit to you and your home.

Customers need not worry about installing our high-quality products, as we can provide our team of in-house fitters to assist with installations.

Composite door fitted Kidderminster

Our experienced and dedicated team ensure our composite doors are fitted to the highest standard, helping you realise your dream renovations. We believe that providing this peace of mind is what keeps us head and shoulders above our competitors in the area.

We run our own company vehicles and have been established at our premises on the Worcester Road for 10 years. Our well-mannered team operate with the utmost level of respect for your home, working as tidily as possible. Any mess they do make they of course clean up after themselves.

Security Focused Design

Security is of the highest importance to us at TWS, so we are proud to supply the sturdiest and most secure composite doors. Aside from providing stunning home improvement products, we only work with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the business to offer superior quality products. These have been our values for 27 years and we continue to liveby them every day.

Composite doors are widely considered to be one of the most secure home improvement options available. All of our doors feature a robust 48mm timber core with a composite wrapping design, while fitted with a multi-point locking system to better protect your home.

Due to this, our composite doors can offer genuine longevity as well as being shock resistant and weatherproof, thereby providing the complete package.

Double Glazing Kidderminster fitted team
TWS Team

Our fitters take great pride in installing our products professionally and securely so that they look great while also providing theutmost protection.

Composite Front Doors Quotes Kidderminster

If you are based in Kidderminster or the surrounding area and are considering one of our composite front doors, you can generate a quote on our website. We offer a free online quoting service for our products, providing you with an estimated price range that is tailored to your design.

Doing so saves time and allows you to attain a composite front door quotefrom your home with ease. This provides you with pricing details in advance, so you know how much your composite door will cost.

Composite door Kidderminster fitted

Visit our website to use our quote search feature to see how different options compare and which is more suitable for you. Alternatively, feel free to call us directly and speak to a member of our friendly team.

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