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Composite Front Doors

Composite front doors can be the finishing touch for your Worcester, Kidderminster or West Midlands home.

Composite doors are a sensible choice if you’re looking to secure your house and increase security for your family. Can increase the security of your home, adding that extra layer of protection for your family and belongings. TWS Windows and Doors can provide you with a variety of different composite doors. Our installation team are specialists, so we can assure you that your house’s composite front door will strengthen security. We’re committed to high quality and excellent customer service.

The Importance of Composite Front Doors

When we look at houses, the front door is the first thing we notice, getting an overall impression of the home. With our stylist composite doors, you can make it a lasting impression. Getting a Composite Front Door from TWS will ensure you’ve got a high-quality door. Our front doors can increase overall house insultation, which means you’ll save money on energy bills in the long run.

TWS Green Composite Front Door Birmingham

Composite Front Door Styles

Making sure your composite door looks great is one thing, but it’s also important that your door is suitable for your home style. This is why TWS can offer you a comprehensive variety of stunning composite door styles which add a splash of style to any Worcester home. TWS can work with you to ensure your composite door is to your design tastes, and operates excellently. Our doors are customisable so you can choose a selection of colours, finishes, and handles.

Energy Saving Composite Front Doors

Our energy saving doors are weatherproof and air-tight which means they can deal with all weathers. The weatherproof systems that are implemented into our composite doors can vastly improve insulation, whilst preventing any natural heat from escaping. This means you won’t have to use your central heating quite as much, which saves you money in the long run, on expensive energy bills. This is both a financial and environmental bonus, as this reduces your home’s carbon footprint.


Why Choose TWS For Fitted Composite Front Doors?

At TWS we mark ourselves out from our competitors as we can provide you with an installation team. Contrary to other door installation companies, we don’t hire external contractors to complete our jobs. Instead, our specialist installation team are in house, and they are full time. Our team are dedicated to fitting your composite door to the highest standard. We have been installing composite doors in Worcester for 25 years, and have a qualified, experienced team of experts – so rest assured your installation is in good hands.

Black Composite Doors

Security Focused Design

TWS can provide you with some of the most secure and sturdiest composite doors available. We work with top manufacturers to ensure our composite front doors are the sensible option for you, your family & your home. Ensuring your house’s security is paramount. Your house is your own personal space, a place for you to relax, eat, sleep and enjoy. It’s comforting you know that your house is well protected.

TWS can help ensure the protection of your house by supplying some of the most sturdy and secure composite doors out there. We achieve this high quality because we work with some of the top door manufacturers, to ensure the doors we provide are a suitable barrier between your home and the outside.

At TWS, we don’t cut corners. Our doors have multi-point locking implementations which keeps every single element of your door secure. They also include a 48mm timber core which can ensure first class sturdiness. They are security focused from the ground up. By investing into a durable composite door, you’re investing in material that is weatherproof, adds security, and is long-lasting, and insulative.

Composite Front Door Prices Worcester

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