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Double Glazing Birmingham

You can make a massive difference to your Birmingham home by installing innovative double glazing. At TWS Windows and Doors, we fit and supply energy efficient double glazing with our dedicated in-house installation team to ensure you get an incredible deal.

Double Glazing Windows Birmingham

With TWS Windows and Doors, you can be sure that you’ll get a fantastic choice of double glazing windows no matter what window you choose. Our range of windows includes a wide variety of styles that are all innovatively designed and energy-efficient.

We understand just how crucial getting your investment right is to you and your home. That’s why all our double glazing features advanced technology and security. Therefore, our windows reduce your household bills instantly and keep your home safe too.

double glazing Birmingham

You’ll also be able to reduce your carbon footprint by investing in double glazing that keeps warmth inside your home. We offer both aluminium and uPVC double glazing for homes across Birmingham, to put you entirely in control of your new build.

uPVC is an advanced, robust material that offers long-lasting performance across your home. It’s superbly insulated, water-tight and won’t rot or wear over the years.

Meanwhile, our aluminium double glazing is exceptionally versatile and secure. Aluminium, paired with multi-point locking systems within our double glazing, will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your home without worrying about intruders.

Thanks to our intelligent online quote builder, TWS Windows and Doors offers double glazing windows that are entirely customisable. You can select from multiple colours, finishes and handles to design a dream window that enriches your home.

double glazing doors Birmingham

Double Glazing Doors Birmingham

With TWS, we also ensure that we fit excellent double glazing in our doors as well. Whether they are secure and durable front doors or boldly designed patio or bi-fold doors, each one’s double glazing is guaranteed to give you similar performance benefits to our windows.

A door with energy efficient double glazing combines gorgeous looks with spectacular performance. With open panels, your entry won’t feel like it blocks anything out. Instead, it’ll be a gateway between your world and the outside world.

Double Glazing Costs Birmingham

Casement Windows

With energy efficient double glazing, a casement window is a reliable choice for your Birmingham home. With their open design, you’ll get fantastic views of your garden and warm natural light too.

You can fit our casement windows in any room of your house, and still expect fantastic performance. With full weatherproofing and insulation, your double glazing will make you forget that your heating is even there.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are low maintenance, modern and offer a sleek design. They’re also durable, completely weather resistant and extremely secure to keep your home safe. Additionally, aluminium windows boast leading thermal performance as well!

Aluminium has fantastic energy efficiency, making your household bills plummet. Not only that, but an aluminium finish will make window maintenance a thing of the past. When paired with self-cleaning double glazing, condensation won’t build up on your new windows.

Double Glazing Windows Birmingham

Sliding Sash Windows

For a beautiful combination of old and new, a sliding sash window with advanced double glazing is a perfect choice. Sash windows’ classical appearance and elegant slide-up opening make them ideal for traditional homes across Birmingham.

Sliding sash windows are a chic and practical addition to any home. With modern double glazing, they’re environmentally friendly and secure too.

Energy Efficiency

TWS Windows and Doors uses the latest glazing and frame technology to ensure that your window is energy efficient. With full double glazing panels, you’ll get warm natural light and also insulate your home against the cold.

That way, our windows will guarantee that you save on your energy and electricity bills, making your investment a rewarding decision that pays you back daily. We also ensure our in-house installers fit your window to the highest standard of quality.

Ultimate Double Glazing Security

When it comes to our double glazing, we put safety and security above all else. With TWS Windows and Doors, we ensure that our double glazing has market-leading security systems built-in. That way, we’ll work together to keep your Birmingham home safe.

If you would like further details about security, please speak to our inhouse fitting team, who are well versed in the topic. Unlike the majority of companies in this industry, each of our window and door installers is an in-house, full-time member of staff.

Birmingham Double Glazing Prices

We also extend our commitment to safety with our team. Unlike our competitors, we employ our installers full-time so that you can be sure they’ll approach your window with care. We choose to do this because we put quality first.

With a group of trusted installers who work directly for us, we can create a chain of trust between you and us. That way, we can work together to make you Birmingham home thrive.

Our fitters take time with each installation to ensure the highest quality finish each time. We are proud to have served our local community for the past twenty-five years.

We’ve been installing double glazing in Birmingham for twenty-five years. You can trust us to take as much pride in installing your new double glazing as we have in our track record.

Double Glazing Prices Birmingham

At TWS, we’re committed to offering you quality double glazing that gives your home fantastic benefits. If you want to improve your home too, then there’s plenty of ways to get in touch.

Firstly, our online cost calculator is the perfect tool to find exactly what you’re looking for. With the endless option on colours, finishes and handles, you can get double glazing products that reflect you and your personality.

For any questions you might have, then our online contact form is there to help. A member of our team will get back to you with advice and answers to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Finally, you can hear a friendly voice by calling us on 01562 822 855! They’ll work through all of your questions and ideas with you, and can even give you a quote over the phone! With TWS, we give you all the options to give you all of the control.

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