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Garden Rooms Worcester

Garden rooms are beautiful spaces that can make your Worcester home feel more natural. A unique home improvement, garden rooms can be built as an extension of your home or as an independent space. That way, you can choose exactly how you want to use your new room.

Our garden rooms have straightforward designs that give you as much space as possible. As well as that, you’ll add an area that has stunning natural light and warmth, thanks to our advanced double glazing. With Velux windows and a choice of Leka or Prefix roofs, you’ll have a space that stays comfortable all year round.

Garden rooms are flexible spaces that are ideal for a variety of purposes. You could build a garden room separately from your home and use it as an outdoor reading room. Conversely, you could attach it to your home with beautiful double glazed doors and use it as a study or home office.

Either way, a garden room gives you the choice and freedom to make your home suit your needs better. With TWS, you can invest in garden rooms that are guaranteed to reward your Worcester home. With effortless style and advanced technology, these spaces are stylish and can save you money on your household bills too.

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Benefits of Garden Rooms

Garden rooms aren’t just an investment that adds space and style to your Worcester home. These spaces have cutting-edge insulation, weatherproofing and much more. That way, your new addition can protect your home, keep it warm and reduce your energy usage.

A crucial benefit of garden rooms, especially if you want to build one separate from your home, is their weatherproofing. Our garden rooms use double glazing that is self-cleaning and can break down dirt. As well as that, you can install a solid or tiled roof that can easily withstand wind and rain.

Garden rooms are also private and secluded spaces. With an option of Leka and Prefix solid roofs, you can enjoy your space with increased sound insulation. That way, you won’t have to worry about being watched or distracted, making it a perfect addition for families with young children.

You can also pair your new addition with double glazing windows and doors from TWS’s extensive range. You could add sliding sash windows that add to a garden room’s chic, or you could install French doors that swing outward for an exciting entrance. Either way, you can design your new addition precisely as you want to.

that swing outward for an exciting entrance. Either way, you can design your new addition precisely as you want to.

As well as that, a garden room can make a difference to your home’s property value. Because of this, you could benefit from more substantial offers for your home when you decide to move on. That way, your garden room can make a genuine difference to your livelihood for years to come.

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Energy Saving Garden Rooms

At TWS, we want to ensure you make the best possible investment in garden rooms for your Worcester home. That’s why we work with top manufacturers, such as Velux, to ensure you get a space that performs for your home.

With Velux windows, you’ll be adding innovative double glazing that can change the way your home uses energy. These windows can create a thermal barrier inside your garden room, trapping heat inside and keeping cold outside.
Because of this, you can keep your garden room warm without relying on central heating. That way, your entire home can benefit from increased warmth, as well as natural light. If you install a separate garden room, you’ll have a comfortable space that feels at one with its natural setting.

As well as that, you’ll also help to protect our environment. Our garden rooms are environmentally friendly, as they can reduce your home’s energy usage. That way, you can help the planet while also helping your home save massive amounts of money.

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Garden Room Security

Garden rooms can also make your Worcester home much safer. You can pair your garden room with windows and doors that use toughened double glazing and multi-point locking systems. We work with companies like Winkhaus to provide security features that keep you and your family safe.

At TWS, we want to give you a space that you have the freedom to enjoy without worry. We offer solid or tiled roofs that cover your garden room from prying eyes, without compromising your space’s natural light.

As well as that, our commitment to security extends to our installations. Unlike many other companies, we have a full-time fitting team that will ensure your new garden room is precisely installed. As they’re members of staff, they’ll work on your build for as long as they need to without rushing to another job.

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Garden Rooms Prices Worcester

If you want to install garden rooms that make a genuine difference to your home, then talk to TWS today!

You can take advantage of our garden rooms quote builder to design a dream space. With thousands of colours, finishes and other features on offer, you can get an instant quote on a garden room that’s truly unique.

If you have any questions for us, ask them using our online contact form, and we’d be delighted to answer them.

As well as that, why not give us a call on 01562 822 855 today? At TWS, we’re the garden rooms specialists in Worcester and the surrounding areas.

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