Composite Doors vs. UPVC Doors

UPCV Doors are made with plastic, composite doors are made from a selection of materials, using a solid timber core.

Composite doors are between 44mm and 48mm thick whereas uPVC doors are only 28mm thick. Composite door are currently one of the strongest doors on the market, they are much thicker and will help reduce the heat loss from your home.

Our uPVC doors are extremely secure but composite doors have a higher level of security. The ultra-strong frame along with the reinforced glass provide great protection against intruders. Please contact one of our experienced team members if you would like advice on which door best suits you, or we can send you a quotation for a upvc door and a composite door so you can see the difference.

double front doors in an orangey wood

Choosing a new front door design, can be exciting it will change the look of your whole house. When deciding on a new front its important to consider the type, design, colour and glass options you would prefer as well as the security it will provide you. We would recommend choosing a composite door because they are more durable, thermally efficient and in our opinion they look nicer.

uPVC and composite doors are the two most popular types of doors to choose from. With a huge range of options to decide from it can be so hard to figure out what the differences between them are, and which one is best for you. We are more than happy to help you choose and give you different options.

UPVC doors would have been seen to be more popular a few years back, due to the price, if you are willing to pay that bit extra, you can get a great looking secure composite door. The difference in price will be worth it with lots of extra benefits.

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