Give Your Home A New Look For Spring

As lockdown is easing and Spring and Summer is just around the corner, here at TWS Kidderminster we offer a wide range of products to revamp your home that will let some bright light illuminate your rooms. From windows to doors, roofs and conservatories we have plenty of options available to spruce up your home.

Our Windows

Flush Windows Outside House
modern aluminium frame windows in kitchen
uPVC Kitchen Windows in kitchen

With summer fast approaching and lockdown easing, look no further, our windows could be a revitalizing refresher to spice up your home and let some light gleam through your home.

Here at TWS Kidderminster, we have a wide range of windows to offer from casement windows to sliding sash windows, whichever style you prefer, we have the best windows to brighten your home. We offer an amazing 9 colour option palette for all our windows, allowing you to decide which style will complement the aesthetic of your house best or which will match better with the existing windows.

Our Casement Windows are versatile and practical, being the most popular style of window frame here in the UK. Our suppliers are highly trusted so we can ensure that your windows will be high quality and long-lasting.

Another style of window we offer is Flush Casement Windows, an excellent and stunning alternative to the traditional casement window. Fitted with a flush frame to enhance the visual appeal, you get a modern finish and perfect alternative to sliding sash windows in traditional homes. In addition, our Flush Casement Windows are quipped with sturdy locks, double glazing and finished in a wide range of colours, so they meet your quality standards.

Our Aluminium Windows are a more secure, long lasting, customisable, and low maintenance option. Aluminium is much more durable than other building materials, meaning we can use slimmer sightlines and more of the double glazing that allows natural light to flood in, perfect in time to let in all that summer light.

Our Doors

Spitfire Doors
Double Glazed concertina door patio door
Aluminium Door and windows

TWS Kidderminster offer a wide range of door options: Bi- Fold Doors, Composite Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors and Aluminium Doors.

All the doors that we stock are high quality and high security so the only thing you will have to worry about is keeping them clean!

Our Aluminium bifold doors are the latest and most modern back door option on the market. Their sleek and stylish image alongside their optimum accessibility makes them one of the most popular choices for back doors. Similar to patio doors but rather than sliding, the panels collapse and fold onto each other, creating a more spacious feel and adding an extension illusion to your garden. Bi folding glass doors not only have the aesthetic appeal but also are incredibly useful for accessibility needs making your home comfortable, spacious, and safe.

Composite Doors are not only visually pleasing but one of the sturdiest and most secure home improvement options on the market today due to their thick timber core. This ensures more security for the front of your home but also allows you to save on energy bills due to the thermal aspect, keeping your home warmer for longer.

We offer our French Doors in a fantastic range of 9 colours for you to choose from. They are also customisable to suit your taste, whether your home is modern or traditional. Furthermore, being double glazed ensures that your home’s natural heat is trapped inside which is ideal for keeping your home warm during winter. There is also no need to worry about home security as the durable materials combined with robust locking systems allow protection for your home. In addition to all these features, French doors allow better views of your garden and connect your house and garden nicely together.


To find out more about the other doors we offer at TWS, click here to explore your other options.

Our House Extensions

Double Glazing window for conservatory
Aluminium Windows and Doors on large modern country house with conservatory

One popular type of house extension we do is Conservatories. Our customisable conservatories deliver fantastic thermal efficiency alongside a contemporary living space. This enhances the usage of the room year-round as its neither too hot nor too cold to use (often a common issue with many conservatories). With the lockdown easing, what better time than to treat yourself to a conservatory than now. It is the perfect place to sit when family and friends come over, also giving you an excuse to show off your garden during summer.  As I previously mentioned, our conservatories offer an all-year round usage as they trap your home’s natural warmth in the winter and also provide sufficient ventilation during the warmer months of the year.

Garden Rooms are another option that we offer, being the combined elements of conservatories and house extensions, they create the perfect socialising room for family and friend usage.  There are many different styles of garden rooms available for you to customise so they look the way you would like. It does not matter whether your property is new or old, modern, or traditional, TWS Kidderminster will have the garden rooms solutions for you.

Another house extension we offer is porches. Porches offer an aesthetically pleasing, extra level of security. Our porches are tailored specifically to suit you and the way you want it to look. We can match the styling of your home to your new porch, ensuring that the brickwork is consistent. With this, you can maintain the visual appeal of your home, enhancing the aesthetics as you do. There is also a vast choice of doors, double glazing, and heat reflective glass.

Our Roofing Systems

Bifolding Doors
Double Glazing sky light in conservatory

If you are looking to improve your extension or conservatory, here at TWS we offer a range of options such as Roof Lanterns, Flat Skylights and Tiled Conservatory Roof.

One roofing system we offer is Flat Skylights. They are a fabulous way to brighten up any room, typically installed on any flat roofed area in your home including kitchens and extensions. They are a stunning way to allow natural light to flood into the room, brightening and making spaces seem more open. Flat skylights are incredibly strong, robust, and durable, in fact, strong enough to walk on (should you ever need to).

Another roofing system we offer us Roof Lanterns. Roof Lanterns are an alternative option to conservatories. It allows an easy way for natural light to flow through the room with an additional thermal benefit keeping your home warm during the winter. A further benefit to roof lanterns are, they make the ceiling look taller, making the room feel bigger.


If you would like to know more or get a quote for anything in our product range, contact us. 

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