Modern Front Door Designs

With most people being stuck at home during the past few months, DIY and home improvements have skyrocketed. But many people have forgotten about the most important part of your home, your front door! It is the entrance to your space, the first and last thing people see when they visit you, and what keeps your safe from the outside world.

If you’re spending copious amounts of time and money on improving your interior, you want a modern front door design to match. We’ve compiled a few ideas for you to consider on your next home project.

Door Colours

Statement colours are currently incredibly popular for modern front door designs. A bold green or red can really set you apart from other homes in your street and show your individuality. However, black, and grey doors have become the new go-to to represent sophistication and prestige. If you are looking at historic design to inspire your modern front door design; during the Victorian era, a white front door was very popular, whereas Georgians preferred greens and earthy tones. Whatever colour you choose your front door should match your personality and show who you are to the world.

Colourful Doors

Door Windows

If you are interested in a door with a statement window, there are many glazing options to consider. One horizontal central window has become the go design for a modern door. However, a glass diamond formation can add a twist to a classic design. As well as being visually appealing, the glass choice for your modern front door design is important for practicality.  When it comes to windows, double glazing is a must-have. Keep those intrusive traffic sounds out of your relaxing space while keeping the heat in at the same time. It’s also important to consider how much of your interior you want neighbours to see through your windows, and what level of frosted glass you require. Of course, you can opt for a modern designer door without glass for optimum privacy.

aluminium front doors

Door Handles

Your choice of door handle all comes down to whether you want it to match the rest of your house. Many people prefer to have a statement doorknob or handle; something that is unique and special to them. If you’re after a more minimal, modern front door design a chrome silver handle or a doorknob is a staple for you. For a more natural countryside feeling, a brass or white handle will fit in nicely with your setting.

Composite Doors

Whatever you go for, don’t wait any longer to complete your home improvements. Contact TWS for affordable, and professional advice on your project, and let us bring it to life. We take pride in our work and want the best for you and your home.

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