Reduce Your Heating Bills

Keep warm without the huge bill

TWS can supply and fit excellent A Rated energy efficient double glazed windows which could help reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. We have a huge range of high quality double glazed windows available, everything from authentic sliding sash replicas to modern aluminium windows and many more. Our windows are fitted with A rated sealed units as standard with other options available, tripled glazed, acoustic laminated and more(A Rated is one of the highest rating you can get) if you would like to know more please contact one of our experienced team we will be more than happy to help on any questions.

Great energy efficient windows and glazing means warmer winters and cooler summers. You will find that your heating will not need to be set as high or left on as long because your new windows will keep more heat inside your home.

News windows may seem like a costly expensive, but it will be worth the money spent, over time you will end up paying more on repairs and maintenance, heat loss through single glazing occurs twice as fast as it does through double glazing and many of us still have single glazing in our home. Get your window quotation from us today.

Did you know we can offer you finance for new windows and doors to your property.

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Benefits of new windows:

  • Having a more comfortable home
  • They will look great for many years to come
  • Fewer draughts and cold spots in your house
  • Will reduce the amount of heat lost
  • Reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint

How to tell if you need new windows:

  • You feel unwanted drafts, even when your windows are closed
  • Mould spots
  • You hear a lot of noise / wind howling
  • Chipped or water damaged
  • Struggling to open or close windows
  • Cracked glass units
  • Constantly steamed up units.

What does WER mean

This means window energy rating, it measures the overall performance of the whole window including the frame, glass and components. WER is represented by a letter, which is based on the windows overall thermal efficiency.

TWS has been going strong for 30 years and over this time we have developed lots knowledge should you have any questions please get in touch.

If you would like a free no obligation quotation or would like to discuss finance options with our expert team, please contact us today:

Call: 01562822855


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