Why install uPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

american colonial style house with sliding sash windows

Think of the most beautiful house you’ve ever seen. Chances are, it was built between the 1700s-1900s. As a huge part of British architectural history for hundreds of years and most styled properties from the 1700’s through to the 1900’s often had sash windows as a staple part of their design. The sliding sash window has two frames allowing the user to open their window as they please by pulling one frame up.

The most popular uPVC sliding sash windows and their designs are listed below:

Georgian: Six over six style or larger eight over eight windows

Victorian: Two over two was the most popular during this period, however sash windows with just a single light were favourable at this time

Edwardian: Six over two panes was most common with some minor alterations

There are many advantages that come with installing sliding sash windows in your house which we will aim to highlight:

Traditional and Authentic Appearance

To help preserve the external cosmetics of a period property, whether it be Georgian, Regency or Victorian, uPVC sliding sash windows offer an authentic appearance but with the added benefit of minimal maintenance that is often associated with a more traditional timber framed sash window.

Smooth and Ease of Opening

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows offer a traditional charm that is authentic in its period design but with the modern benefits of eliminating draughts and smooth-running mechanisms.

A spiral balance mechanism is used in uPVC sliding sash windows, like that used in the more traditional timber. This enables more of the window to have a large glass area to frame ratio and offers a smooth gliding action when opening and closing. A counter-weight of cast-iron, steel or a leaden weight hang on a cord that is concealed within a hollow box frame.

Keeps you warm

They offer fantastic thermal efficiency due to high quality double glazing that is often available with a A++ window energy rating. Due to the fact they require very little maintenance, they will look at their best for many years to come, all they need is an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth!

There is no requirement to sand them or apply coats of paint or varnish and no risk of rot or warping due to the fact they are plastic. Furthermore, they are also incredibly secure and weather durable due to the modern technology and security features.

Installing uPVC sliding sash windows for your household could be the best thing you ever do for your house, so contact us today!

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