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Sliding Sash Windows Worcester

Sliding sash windows is the ideal choice to enhance your Worcester home with a classy traditional design. Although timeless means forever, old Victorian sash windows often fade quickly because of their rusty timber frames.

Our sliding sash windows are made with advanced uPVC and aluminium to ensure they’ll last for years and years.

Our sliding sash windows are secure too. With reinforced shoot bolts and a multi-point locking system in each glass panel, you can have peace of mind that your home will keep unwanted visitors out.

At TWS, we also want to ensure your new sash window is bespoke to you. ‘That’s why our online cost calculator puts you in control of thousands of customisation options. From colours, finishes and even handles, you can make your new window unique to you.

We also provide a friendly and personalised installation service. Unlike many other companies, our installers are full-time employees, rather than contractors. That way, you get trusted fitters who dedicate themselves to your designs.

sliding sash windows Worcester

Advantages of Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows have an almost cinematic quality to their design. Their elegance gives a modern home a sense of chic and reinforces a traditional ‘home’s look even further.

With a simple slide, you can open your window to a new world of fresh air and ventilation. When you shut your windows, ‘you’ll also experience better insulation, leading to warmer temperatures inside your home.

Sliding sash windows are also available with uPVC and aluminium finishes. With either choice, you can expect high performance and security for your home. At TWS, we only work with the best manufacturers to ensure an excellent build.

An excellent sliding sash window can also pair beautifully with a sliding or bi-fold door. Together, you can transform your living space into a tranquil area full of light and warmth. Our windows are fully weatherproof too – just in case it ‘isn’t light and warm outside.

At TWS, we’ve been installing sliding sash doors for over 25 years in Worcester, and we value the trust the community has in us. You can be sure of a superb installation and personalised service with our fitting team for windows across our range.

sliding sash window costs Worcester

Energy Saving Double Glazing

An investment in your Worcester home is a significant decision. TWS understand that, and that’s why our sliding sash windows feature innovative double glazing. With double glazing, you can make fluctuating heat and high household costs a thing of the past.

For a start, double glazing gives your home superb insulation. There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up in a cold house and rushing to turn on the heating. Our double glazing prevents this by trapping air and creating a thermal barrier for your home.

Your new energy efficient windows will also perform when they’re open. Thanks to the sliding sash window’s opening, you can ventilate your home with fresh air and also let natural light through. That way, you’ll save money by not needing to use your electricity or your heating as much.

Additionally, you can build your dream sliding sash window with modern uPVC. uPVC is a capable material that performs anywhere inside your home and can do it for multiple years. This durable material makes your Worcester home more energy efficient from day one.

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Sliding Sash Window Security

As well as a sliding sash window proving a smart investment for your Worcester home’s performance, they can improve your home’s security too. At TWS, we care as much as you do about keeping your family, and your belongings, safe from unwanted guests.

A sliding sash window can be locked down at its sliding point, and the glass panels each have multi-point locking systems to ensure they stay fixed. With shootbolts available too, you can take full control of your home’s privacy.

You can also combine your sliding sash window with a weatherproof aluminium finish. Aluminium is solid and structured, and won’t warp or twist even in the worst Worcester weather. Its robust metal build is also a nightmare for any intruders.

Aluminium will also ensure your home stays secure for a lifetime. Aluminium can last up to 45 years at peak performance, giving you the peace of mind to feel safe in your home. Additionally, our in-house fitting team will ensure each element of your window works perfectly.

Sliding Sash Window Prices Worcester

Getting in touch with TWS to enquire about installing sliding sash windows is easy.

With our online cost calculator, you can design your dream sliding sash window from thousands of customisable options. You’ll get an instant quote for whatever you can come up with, and you can save multiple quotes for different designs too!

Alternatively, you can ask us anything using our online contact form! A knowledgable team member will do their best to answer your questions and give you the best possible options.

Finally, if you want to have a conversation with us, we’d love to have one with you. All you have to do is ring us on 01562 822 855! You can get into the most delicate details of your new design with a company that’s just as excited as you are about improving your home.

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